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Love your life! Take back your life and feel good again! Natural proven methods to achieve a more optimal weight, regain your energy, and discover a new YOU! Improved health and wellness is within your reach! 

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Good Health Doesn't Have to be Boring!

Contact Us to see how we can guide you to more optimal health, without giving up the fun in your life.

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Working with You!

Achieve your health goals through personalized weight loss, nutrition, & lifestyle choices! Keep up to date on the latest news and trends under our Blog!

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Welcome to Wellness!

Our Mission

At BWN we take a good-science and common-sense approach to weight management, along  with health and wellness issues that are real challenges for so many.  It is all in educating, guiding and empowering people to be their healthier selves.  Achieving good health may be a new goal for some and success not easily reached!  There is so much confusion about diet, exercise, and ways to improve and sustain good health and the reality is that since problems are highly individual then solutions are also highly personal. That personal path to improved health needs to be built on working within a trusted partnership, and in a setting where each person can identify their specific challenges, set realistic health goals, cooperate in developing to achieve those goals and have supportive coaching along the way.

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