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Give up those sugars and simple carbohydrates or refined carbs found in some of our favorite foods like bread, cookies, pies….!

Sweets and chocolate equal fat storage and weight gain! It’s a fact!

Simple carbohydrates (carbs) …like white sugar, ice cream, cakes and sweets….are quickly absorbed into the body and cause weight gain. The glucose from digestion is pumped into the blood stream, insulin from the pancreas converts glucose into glycogen that we use for energy and the excess glucose is converted into fatty acids which are stored in the “fat cells”.

Complex carbs…like grains, fruits, vegetables….containing high levels of dietary fiber, don’t cause blood levels to spike and they’re broken down and digested more gradually. You feel “fuller,” more satisfied and your blood glucose and insulin are maintained at normal levels.

Nutrients–vital for weight loss!  Vitamins and minerals like chromium, magnesium, calcium and potassium are found in fruits and vegetables, aid in energy production and help curb the desire to eat sweets!