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According to a recent news release, the FDA – USA Food and Drug Administration- has ruled “trans fats” unsafe and has given the food industry three years to remove them from products they sell in grocery stores!

A major victory for our Heart-Health and for public health in general!!

Trans fats are used by food manufacturers to improve taste, make artificial colors hold better and improve shelf life.  They are most often found in commercial baked goods, processed foods and commercial salad dressings.

The Center for Science in the Public Interest cites that consumption of trans fats has been linked to heart disease, potentially causing 50,000 fatal heart attacks each year.  Trans-fat also implicated in Type-2 Diabetes, obesity and now, liver disease.

Scientific evidence supports that the harmful LDL cholesterol builds up in arteries.

Trans fats are prominently used in microwave popcorn, biscuits, baked goods, frostings and margarines.

The clear message is that a healthier food supply is critical in supporting good health and reducing chronic disease related to poor nutrition.

Even with close reading of labels, the ingredients in food-like products can be deceptive! There is so much “food” on the shelf that is simply “manufactured”, full of chemicals and preservative and not real.

Protect your health …avoid trans fats and make good real food choices.  Remember, “your body is the only place you have to live”!