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Which are you?

  • Fat and Fit?
  • Skinny and out of shape?
  • Stressed and inflamed?
  • Headed toward chronic disease?
  • Fatigued and defeated?

Body fat is not a friend- in any form!

Lots of research over the last several years has helped us understand why body fat is so threatening to our health.

Skinny Fat may be the worst of all!

Appearance of health may be just skin-deep and we tend to put too much weight on weight and what we think the scale is telling us. Someone may appear very healthy because they’re slim, but that does not tell us what’s going on inside!

You probably know those “skinny fat” people…never eat vegetables, love
meat and avoid exercise…and they are thin! The problem is that they may have a normal weight but an unhealthy heart, circulatory or digestive system. Diets full of sugars and processed foods can cause visceral fat storage and lead to metabolic syndrome….creating a high risk for diabetes, high blood pressure and stroke.

Fight the “Skinny Fat” Battle

  • Lean Protein: FScale Tapeocus your diet on lean animal protein and non-starchy vegetables.
  • Exercise: Start moving and get strong!
  • Include Healthy Oils: Omega -3, sardines, salmon and olive oil.
  • Eat Real Food: Avoid over-processed food substitutes.
  • Lower Gluten Intake: Sensitivity may be a real issue.
  • Sleep: Lack of sleep alters the way your body handles food and may increase cravings for carbs and sugars.
  • Cook Healthy Meals: Meal planning and preparation can be fun and may overall add to the food experience.

Stress is a bigger problem than you think!

Chronic stress can make you fat and diabetic. Stress has many forms….toxins, infections, autoimmune disease, yo-yo dieting, chronic infections, emotional overlay and sleep dysfunction- to name a few!

When stress is prolonged, cortisol floods the body and not in its normal rhythm- high in the morning and tapering off at night. Instead, stress causes cortisol to remain high all day with unhealthy peaks and valleys.

The broken cortisol rhythm promotes unhealthy effectsWoman having migraine headache. such as:

  • Rises in blood sugar
  • Increases hunger impulse
  • Increases belly fat
  • Increases fat storage in your tissues
  • Inability to burn fat
  • Makes cells less sensitive to insulin

Not all stress is negative. Short term stress allows us to take notice of and react to the challenges of life…that’s a good thing. But prolonged stress leads to emotional changes as well as all of the physical effects that are so debilitating, even promoting chronic disease.

De-Stress for your health!

  • Stop “dieting”- your body will think it’s being starved, raising stress levels and storing more fat.
  • Eat small and nutritious meals throughout the day to control blood sugar.
  • Make healthy food choices- balanced proteins, fresh fruits and vegetables and healthy fats.
  • Minimize caffeine- herbal teas are an excellent alternative!
  • Get moving! Life is movement!

Burned-Out Fat

This is taking the stress scenario one step further! Now you have really done it!

Chronic fatigue? Tired all the time? Can’t get to sleep or stay asleep? Increased carb and sugar cravings? Mental fog? Emotional overload?

Making healthy food choices is a beginning step to regaining your health, along with identifying the dysfunctional patterns in your life. These patterns have likely existed for a long time now and there are obvious reasons for your weight gain and fat accumulation.

Incorporating the usual, more positive approaches to recognizing and addressing eating habits and lifestyle choices are essential to turning the problem around.

The choices that need to be made here are simple and you may have even heard them before!

  • Add protein and complex carbs to every meal to regulate insulin levels.
  • Sleep, sleep, sleep.
  • Avoid alcohol, as it disrupts your sleep and metabolism.
  • Learn to relax- force yourself!
  • Herbal teas can be used as a time-out before bedtime to de-stress.
  • Meditate.
  • Exercise- this is always a great way to de-stress. Start moving!