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Lots of positive events…New relationships, job, a baby, a new home or apartment, simple life challenges…help create “stress”!

We know that not all stress is bad.

Stress, good or bad, creates a profound and potentially negative reaction in our body!

The response?  “Fight or Flight” reactions, increased heart rate, shorter breath, increased blood pressure and a cellular response with high blood sugar.  Chronic stress leads to the body being on the “alert” too much of the time.  The nervous and hormonal systems are over-worked creating patterns of anxiety, mental confusion, hypertension and adversely affecting the digestive and immune functions.

Chronic stress leads to chronic health problems.  It is a simple fact!

Being able to identify the stressors or sources of the stress, and then effectively coping with them can help ease the negative effects on your health.

How can you break the “Stress Cycle”?

  • Live in the Present…Focus on the “now”
  • Take a Walk …move around inside or out and be aware of your surroundings
  • Breathe Deeply…..Inhale, exhale deliberately and slowly.  Open up the lungs and expand the chest.
  • Get a Massage…proven to increase circulation and immune response, decrease anxiety and helps your emotions
  • Proper Posture…stand tall, head high, chin back and balance our your feet and hips!
  • Random Acts of Kindness…do something for a friend, offer your hand or a ncie comment to a stranger, connect with your world and make it a better place to be!

Anger belongs to the past and anxiety to what you think the future holds.

Be kind to yourself….decrease stress and feel the positive changes in you mind and body!

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