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Lots of talk about detoxing lately but what does it really mean?

Is it just a lot of hype and an opportunity to sell the public lots of programs and products or is it valid and adds to vitality to your life?

The body is always in the natural process of detoxing!

Our lungs, liver, colon and circulatory systems are constantly eliminating the substances that are detrimental to our health.t unfortunately sometimes we over- power the natural system with too many toxins from the environment and from what we ingest.

Additives to our food, diets filled with fast foods, antibiotics fed to the meat and poultry products that we eat, pesticides that help up produce massive food sources but carry the cumulative and negative effects into our bodies when  eat the  fruits, vegetables and grains treated with those pesticides. The toxins are unavoidable!

The National Liver Foundation has this to note about helping the body detox: The liver converts our food into building blocks that our bodies use to build cells and make our systems function to maintain health. The liver also converts harmful substances and releases them to be excreted, naturally detoxifying your systems. Without proper nutrition or with nutritional deficiencies the liver cannot do its job and toxins continue to accumulate in your body.

Eliminating exposure to toxins, supporting your naturally good health with excellent sources of nutrients and taking supportive supplements all allow your body to achieve more optimal health!

A short detox is a beginning! Start with just three days and see how much better you feel! 

Eliminate the potential toxins…. processed foods, alcohol, dairy, wheat/gluten, etc. Add whole and nutritious foods…leafy green vegetables, cruciferous vegetables, and spices to re-boot your system.

Take charge of your health and feel good again! Appreciating and supporting the natural de-tox functions in our body is a start! 


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