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Detoxification is a natural process within the body to gather and get rid of impurities!

A group of vital organs work together to neutralize and eliminate toxins and attempt to keep the blood and cells free of impurities that negatively affect their function. The Liver is the leader but the kidneys, intestines, lungs, lymph system and skin all play a part in this rescue mission.

Detoxing and supporting that process with a period of thoughtful eating, adding nutrients to ease the cleansing and allowing your body to regroup is highly recommended to help clear your body of impurities and naturally boost your immune system.

As a society we put a lot of emphasis on a spring cleaning of our house or a fall cleanup of our yard and yet our body….. the only place you have to live … is often neglected.

Even if you are cautious about what you eat and mindful about your environment you just cannot escape the rest of the world. We do not live in a bubble nor would we ever want to!

Every day we are exposed to many chemicals and pollutants that are unavoidable …check these out:

  • Food additives
  • Chemicals in and on packaged foods
  • Lawncare chemical
  • Cleaning supplies
  • Personal care products
  • Chemicals in carpet and upholstery
  • And the air that we breathe!


The Detox Takeaway:  A personalized and supported detox program of even short duration allows the body to relax, refresh and renew.

Show your body some respect…treat it well and you will reap the reward of a happier and healthier YOU!



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