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Healthy Gut, Healthy You

So many health problems begin with our digestive system. Current research has identified conditions like obesity, fibromyalgia and metabolic issues are triggered by poor gut health. Additionally, weight gain, various skin conditions, joint and muscle pain, along with bloating and gastric discomfort are sometimes signs that the digestive system is in distress.


Restoration of improved gut balance and digestion can be key to achieving your health goals. Follow your gut feeling and start on path to improved digestive health that will have you feeling good again!


Our Healthy Gut, Healthy You Program Includes:

  • Lifestyle health evaluation
  • Lifestyle coaching and support throughout the process
  • 12-week digestion restoration program to:
    • Remove – coaching and support for elimination diet to address any food sensitivities
    • Replace – address individual needs regarding absorption of nutrients
    • Re-inoculate – rebuild gut microbiota using prebiotics and probiotics
    • Repair – proper nutritional support and supplements, as needed

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